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9 compelling reasons why you should start learning Spanish now instead of waiting ’til the New Year

Most people like to wait until the beginning of the New Year to kick off their goals, but my question is…why wait?? If you are like most, learning Spanish has ended up on the “goals of the year” list one too many times. It’s time to finally cross that goal off your list. So, the question is…how do you get there? Step number one is to not wait until the New Year to start, and here are 9 compelling reasons why.

Procrastination breeds more procrastination

Waiting until the New Year is just a classy way of saying “I want to learn Spanish, but I don’t want to do it now…so I’ll ‘plan’ to start at the beginning of the year.” But let’s be honest, folks…at the beginning of the year, you will just find another reason for why you need to procrastinate again.

Do resolutions even work?

This has been my anthem when it comes to New Year’s resolutions for the past couple of years. It’s been several years since I made New Year’s resolutions, because a long time ago, I realized that almost no one (including myself) kept their resolutions. So, why the heck make them?

Baby steps > One Giant Leap

Usually resolutions look like making a promise to yourself to take one giant leap that is very much overarching and out of reach. To learn Spanish (or to reach any goal for that matter), it’s important to realize that consistency reaps results. I like to be realistic with my students when it comes to what they can do consistently to reach their Spanish goals. My question is what small thing can you do every day towards your goal. Instead of waiting until the beginning of the year to make one giant leap towards a goal, start today with one small step and be consistent with it. This could look like learning 5 new Spanish words per week, or listening to one Spanish podcast per week, or adding Spanish subtitles to your favorite show.

Where could you be by the New Year?

This reason is my favorite and kind of aligns with the previous one. If you were consistent with one small step towards learning Spanish starting today, where would you be by the beginning of the year? I can GUARANTEE that you will be at a place where you can look back and be freaking proud of how much you’ve accomplished. In all honesty, it doesn’t take much. When we are consistent, we reap results and are proud of ourselves every time.

Try something new

May I be frank? Has making “learn Spanish” a New Year’s resolution ever worked for you in the past? If your answer is no, it might be time to switch up your method and try something else. Try starting now and see if you have better luck. What do you have to lose?

More time doesn’t necessarily make goals more achievable

Most people wait until the New Year, because they think they will have more time after the holidays. However, more time doesn’t necessarily make your goals more achievable. The next few reasons will further expound upon this point with the things that really make goals achievable, meaning that you can start now instead of feeling like you “have to what until you have more time in the New Year.”

Routines make goals achievable

It’s easy to believe that more time will make goals realistic, but this is simply not true. It’s about routine. Think about other things that are part of your current day-to-day routine. Your routines get done everyday no matter whether you feel like you have time or not; you brush your teeth every day, you shower every day, and you eat every day. These things are ingrained in your day-to-day; you don’t feel like you have to make time for these things. Do the same thing for Spanish. For that matter, align a Spanish study habit with your current routines. Listen to a 5-minute Spanish podcast while eating; listen to Spanish music while driving; look at a few Spanish words while brushing your teeth. The opportunities to add Spanish as a routine are endless.

Accountability makes goals achievable

Once again, more time doesn’t make goals more achievable; accountability does. Even during busy seasons of life, goals are more easily maintained when we have someone holding us accountable. Do you have a friend that wants to study Spanish too? Do it together. Memorize the same words; listen to the same podcast; take classes from the same teacher. Virtual programs that require you to meet with a native speaker and/or grammar teacher will also create the accountability you need to achieve your goals.

Prioritization makes goals achievable

It’s interesting how we come up with the time, the money, and the resources to do what we want to do. This is because we prioritize what we WANT to do. So, can I be frank with you once more? When you begin prioritizing learning Spanish, you will learn Spanish. Your success is 100% up to you. A true lifelong learner prioritizes learning and makes it happen. Nothing stops them from achieving their goals. I challenge you to prioritize learning Spanish, instead of “waiting for the time to be right.” This is about you and your goals. Let’s crush them!


So there you have it! 9 reasons why you should take the next 10 minutes to write out your plan for starting your Spanish learning journey today. I promise me…come New Year’s Day, you’ll be so grateful to yourself that you did.

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