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5 Steps to Being Successful

Everyone wants to be successful, but the question is, does everyone have what it takes to be successful? And, unfortunately, the answer is no. Why? Because success is hard. Success takes time and does not come overnight. Success requires sacrifice and is something to be earned.

Typically, I use this blog to share tips on learning Spanish, but I’m taking a quick detour to share what I’m realizing as a business owner. I share this because these lessons apply to anyone with a dream or a goal. Whether your goal is to be fluent in Spanish or to save up for a trip to Europe or to start your own business, here are the 5 steps that I’m learning are the pathway to success.

Number one is having an ambitious goal. I’ve always wondered what percentage of Americans live with a goal or dream in mind compared to those who just live day-to-day with only the near future in mind. We’ve all had that friend whose entire existence revolves around living for the weekend. They tread through life all so that they can get to the “fun” part, and then they do it all over again. With such short-sighted vision, the only things they get out of life come and go. On the other hand, we all have that friend that never stops. Their existence revolves around what seems to be an unattainable goal at first, but then with time, they reach it. Their long-term mindset drives them, and it is obvious.

The main difference between these two friends is the level of ambition in their goals. It’s clear which friend we would call successful. Starting off with an ambitious goal is the perfect breeding ground for success.

But, just because you have an ambitious goal, does not mean that you will be successful. Ambitious goals can only be accomplished with a clear plan. Mapping out how you are going to reach a goal means breaking that goal down into small reachable goals. Each small step makes the next step all the more reachable. It’s like the old saying goes…how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Ambitious goals turn into attainable goals when you have a clear plan.

The next three steps to being successful are mindset shifts that need to happen. The first mindset change is becoming unapologetic. In order for a clear plan to work, you have to make decisions that promote the fulfillment of the plan. This can sometimes mean living differently from everyone else! But it doesn’t stop there. It also means being okay with living differently from everyone else. If you live differently and loathe every part of it, eventually you will burn out. But if you are 100% okay with living differently, you will last. There is actual gratification in choosing a different road when you know that it is for the greater purpose of reaching a long-term goal.

The next mindet shift that needs to happen is being consistent. I said it before and I will say it again…success is hard! There are no if’s, and’s, or but’s. Success is hard because it takes us out of our comfort zone. Our comfort zone consists of instant gratification and we don’t like being denied. Reaching our ambitious goals goes against every bone in our bodies. To be successful, we have to force ourselves to stick to the plan and stay consistent even when we don’t see immediate results. It’s uncomfortable, and we don’t like it, but it’s mind over matter. We have to learn to tell ourselves that we are in control and we tell us what to do, instead of letting circumstances determine that for us. And, this is why consistency is an important part of success. Having a mindset of consistency silences the desire for instant gratification.

The very last step to being successful is developing a teachable mindset. No one likes being wrong. But, it’s in admitting that we are wrong that we can become better. It is important that we make this transition from being wrong to becoming better quickly when we are reaching our goals. Admitting wrong frees you to pivot in another direction. More often than not, you’ll find that successful people are humble people. They realize that they don’t know everything. To be successful, it is vital to keep going forward instead of getting stuck when you realize you’re wrong.

These 5 steps are sure to make you more successful at reaching your goals. I’ll say it a third time…success is hard. But, with these five steps in front of you, you can count up the cost and it becomes up to you to decide whether you are ready to be successful or not.

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