Learn Spanish With Native Speakers.

A personalized virtual learning experience. Get matched with a native speaker and begin your journey toward conversational Spanish TODAY.

Experience professional and personal growth by learning with a native speaker.

Conversation classes
Language coaching
Grammar courses
Learning plan
at your own pace

Personalized learning plans designed with care

Each student is assigned to a language coach and native speaker who work together to ensure that their Spanish speaking goals are met.

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Top Packages

Hobby Package

For individuals who want to take learning at a slow steady pace
$ 179 Monthly
  • Weekly LIVE Conversation Sessions (1 hr)
  • Weekly Recorded Grammar Sessions
  • Monthly LIVE Grammar Sessions (45 min)
  • Coaching with LIVE Grammar Sessions
  • All One-on-One Learning

Deep Dive Package

For individuals who want to make progress fast
$ 699 Monthly
  • Four Weekly LIVE Conversation Sessions (1 hr)
  • Weekly LIVE Grammar Sessions (45 min)
  • Access to BTG Grammar Video Library
  • Coaching with LIVE Grammar Sessions
  • All One-on-One Learning

Convo-Only Package

For individuals who just need to practice
$ 289 Monthly
  • Must meet minimum grammar requirement
  • Three Weekly LIVE Conversation Sessions (1 hr)
  • Monthly LIVE Coaching Sessions (45 min)
  • Access to BTG Grammar Video Library
  • All One-on-One Learning

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Satisfied learners

Keshia and Yosy have been so amazing! I’m finally feeling confident enough to just open my mouth and talk! I always in the past got nervous and shut myself down and they’re helping me get past that so quickly!


I am having so much fun learning Spanish with Keshia and Irma. They are always prepared and tailor the lessons for me. They encourage me to ask lots of questions and are very positive about my small steps. Learning a new language is not easy for me but with their instruction, I think I can do it! It is a great program.


Participating in Bridge the Gap was such a great experience for me! Over the years my interest in learning Spanish increased and at first it was hard to know where to start. When I learned that Bridge The Gap was a practical way for me to learn Spanish from my home with a native speaker I was sold. Keshia went above and beyond to match me up with a Cuban woman, knowing that I was Cuban myself. The experience was so personal and my teacher was friendly, very helpful, and professional. It has been a great step for me in my Spanish journey, and I would recommend this program to anyone who is ready to take their Spanish learning to the next level!

Literacy Specialist

I have truly enjoyed my experience with BTG. Patient, considerate and very encouraging in every way! I have been able to achieve an understanding and comprehension of the Spanish language in ways I never have in my previous teachings. My instructors encourage me and find unique ways to immerse me in the language and culture. At BTG the focus is not on rushing you through classes to the next session. They take the time to set a plan that gets you to where you want to be. I am an active participant in where I want to be and I am grateful for the care they take with me. BTG is like family and they care about my success. Familia es todo, y BTG Es mi familia! Muchas Gracias a mis maestros!


I truly loved my experience with Bridge the Gap! It was a new and exciting way for me to learn to speak Spanish. I really enjoyed being apart of a community of people who were also learning, and getting to share our knowledge with each other helped tremendously!


I've learned a great deal from Bridge the Gap Language Services. I taken (3) Sessions from Keisha and have worked with a wonderful coach in the Dominican Republic. I've slowly been able to build up my confidence in speaking Spanish on my job and in the streets locally. It's an amazing program and I recommend it to anyone who wants one on one - hands on training in Spanish.


BTG… what a program. The concept of conversing with an native speaker. I really enjoyed the experience


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Do you want to speak Spanish faster? Are you ready to learn Spanish online AND immerse yourself in Latin culture? Bridge the Gap is the right program for you!