Bridge the Gap Spanish

A Spanish Learning Experience Personalized To YOU

Bridge the Gap Spanish

A Spanish Learning Experience Personalized To YOU

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Group Deep Dive – Learn Spanish Faster

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About Course

Is your company ready to fast-track a group of employees to learning Spanish for business? This deep dive business Spanish course package is all about preparing your employees to engage with Spanish-speaking clients as soon as possible. This course package is 100% personalized, providing a group of 5-10 employees with group grammar lessons and one-on-one conversation sessions. As always, we will provide each employee with a personalized language learning plan to fit their specific learning needs.
Personalized business Spanish classes are extremely helpful if you want your employees to succeed. This course package carves out the time and accountability for your employees to practice what they’re learning right away with a native speaker. Throughout the program, they will engage with Spanish at least 3 hours a week. This is more than the approximate 20 minutes a day that many apps recommend.
Once you have personalized learning available, there is no limit to what you can accomplish during the course. We will teach and present the grammar concepts at the pace of the group. And, we will facilitate the conversation sessions at the pace of each individual.
Because personalized learning for your employees will help your company reach a whole new set of clients. Your employees will come out of this business Spanish course confident in their ability to apply the concepts that they learn in their professional lives.
We will not bore you 🙂
Filling my grammar classes with interactive activities, I will get your employees thinking and immediately using the information that they are learning. I also use fun and exciting and lively materials that will keep their minds engaged throughout every group session.  Their conversation sessions will prepare them to use what they are learning on the job.
BTG’s Approach
Practice, practice, practice. In our classrooms, we only teach what will be useful in real conversations. And then your employees will have the opportunity to practice these concepts with the native speaker that they will each be matched with.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand grammar concepts that will prepare you to speak Spanish on the job
  • Learn how to conjugate verbs in various tenses
  • Learn how to build basic and complex sentences based on current level
  • Grow Spanish vocabulary base using a variety of word lists
  • Learn phrases and vocabulary specific to your industry

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 Ratings
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5 years ago
Great course. Well structured, paced and I feel far more confident using this software now then I did back in school when I was learning. And the guy doing the voice over really is great at what he does. I will probably do the course again and look at what other courses this instructor provides. Great quality and well worth the cost.
5 years ago
Every section has been well discussed in the course. It's definitely easy to understand. But I hope all activities sent was reviewed because, for some, it's still a basis for improvement.
Overall, it's a course worth to recommend!!!