Are you ready to learn Spanish but want to go at a slower pace? This hobby Spanish course package is for you. This course package is provides you with recorded grammar that you can learn at your own pace. We will match you with a native speaker to meet with once a week for your conversation sessions. As always, we will provide you with a personalized language learning plan to fit your specific learning needs.
Being able to speak Spanish is a profitable skill to have. Get started learning Spanish today even if you can only commit limited time now. This course package provides you opportunities to learn from the recorded sessions at your own pace and practice what you learn right away with the native speaker you’re matched with.
Once you get started, there is no limit to what you can accomplish during the course. We will provide you with the a comprehensive learning plan and the materials for learning and then the control and pace of your learning will be in your hands.
Because you deserve to keep learning at whatever pace works for you. We know that you will come out of this course leveled up in your Spanish speaking ability.
We will not bore you 🙂
Filling my grammar classes with interactive activities, I will get you thinking and immediately using the information that you are learning. I also use fun and exciting and lively materials that will keep your mind engaged throughout every recorded session.  Your conversation sessions will prepare you to use what you are learning in real life.
BTG’s Approach
Practice, practice, practice. In our classrooms, we only teach what will be useful in real conversations. Practice these concepts with the native speaker that you are matched with.


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